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SEcurity for Business

KOELBERRY provides different types of the Security solutions by using different vendors

Our Securing and testing methods

- Securing Hardware and Software Devices       
- Initiating Antivirus in your Network      
- Testing e-mail Server Security       
- DoS Test       
- Firewall Test       
- Cracking Password       
- Scanning Port
- PEN test

- Installation of Firewall       
- Installation of Anti- virus/spy ware/Trojans       
- Anti Hacking       
- Scanning unblock ports              
- And methods on demand

- Cisco      
- CheckPoint      
- Fortinet      
- Tufin      
- Proofpoint
- FireMon


Every PC connected to the Internet is highly vulnerable. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect it from possible intruders. This counts especially to network administrators whose task is to ensure the protection of enterprise data. They have to ensure they have complete knowledge of any attacks that are to be expected, and how one protects himself from them.
In order to solve these security issues we provide our customers with good and inexpensive security system. ROUTE DIMENSION offers you with numerous security levels including hard/-Software and internet related security. We install and advise you with the most reliable market leading software that best protects your infrastructure from. ROUTE DIMENSION security implementation services will cover all aspects of your security needs. With viruses, worms, phishing, and the many other threats to your network, a single solution is not enough. Businesses today must possess a number of security solutions each performing various functions. The security services offered by High Tide Solutions include the basic requirements for adequate security, which are following: