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The possible shortest time to resolve issue either Remote or Onsite

Remote Support

KOELBERRY offers also affordable Remote service, with a state of the art remote monitoring capability the Remote Centre can monitor systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, means around the clock. We pride ourselves on our remote facility with standardized alerts to ensure that your systems are always operational, critical data is continually backed up, disk space is available to both critical applications and users, end point security is constantly updated and that servers are meeting pre agreed performance requirements.

Additionally remote monitoring tools can be alerted to an issue and fix the issue automatically without user intervention thus preventing downtime to your operations.

Our Remote Service is available to our customers either as a monitoring and alerting facility where alerts are automatically passed directly to your IT Support teams for remedial action. 

Onsite Support

Our team of consultants, Specialized Config Engineers and developers possess extensive expertise in designing, Configuring, Implementing and managing multi-tiered e-business sites, traffic engineering that integrates mixture of new and legacy systems. We encourage and motivate our workforce to continuously re-invent, respond and revolutionize the approach to IT and IS with the best of both operation model. This combination of unique and complementary strengths gives the company the essential edge to race ahead of its competition. The company has dedicated resource in every Business unit and its development activities to tackle all kinds of technology and business applications with ease.