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We manage your Network and solve issues


Our network management and maintenance services, we take for granted responsibility for the day-to-day optimization and maintenance of telecommunications networks so that clients can obtain the competence and skill needed to run their telecommunication solutions in a well-organized manner. We take into account such variables as grade and rank of service, reliability requirements, and geographic layout of the system in determining the allocation of site maintenance responsibilities between our service team and the customer own personnel. We provide staffing to perform the necessary services for centralized network monitoring and maintenance and repair of critical network elements, including base station equipment, mobile switching centers and network operating centers.

We offer effective solutions

LAN: specialized to manage existing network or build complete new network

WAN: In wide area networking we are able to migrate your network from one ISP to other ISP. Our team is full specialized to migrate a company network what eve how many company branches, complete architecture, Design, Router and Switches configuration, coordination with Local branches and ISP engineers.